Bollywood’s Romance with Urdu Language

“Mogambo prasann hua”
“Arey O Samba, kitne vyakti the”
“Don ko pakadna kathin hi nahi, asambhav hai”

Something seems weird right? These are some of the iconic Hindi movie dialogs without Urdu words.

Bollywood has had a never ending romance with Urdu. From soulful songs to evergreen dialogs, Urdu and its poetry has always played a consistent role in Indian cinema. It is difficult to think of dialogs or songs in Hindi cinema without the use of this beautiful language.

Use of Urdu in Bollywood Songs

Urdu has an undeniable charm that gives depth to different emotions. Not just scriptwriters but lyricists like Kaifi Aazmi, Gulzar and Javed Aktar have always used Urdu poetry or Urdu Shairi to create songs of love and longing in Hindi cinema.

Here are some of the most soul-stirring Bollywood lyrics in which you can find the use of Urdu words:

  • Dost dost na raha, pyar pyar na raha, zindagi tera hamein, aeitbar na raha – (Sangam)
  • Dikhayi diye yun, ke bekhud kiya, hamein aapse bhi juda kar chale – (Umraon Jaan)
  • Hosh walon ko khabar kya, bekhudi kya cheez hai – (Sarfarosh)
  • Zehnaseeb, zehnaseeb, tujhe chahoon betahasha zehnaseeb- (Hasee toh Phasee)

Interesting Facts

  • The first Bollywood talkie was in Urdu language. It was a musical called Alam Ara (1931)
  • Famous Bollywood singer Lata Mangeshkar learnt Urdu to survive competition in the Hindi music industry.
  • Urdu has evolved from and borrowed many words from Arabic, Sanskrit, Turkish and Persian.

Commonly Used Urdu Words in Bollywood

Here are some of the most common Bollywood Urdu words that you may have come across when watching Bollywood movies:

Junoon (Obsession) Dard, Gham (Pain) Bewafa (Treacherous Lover) Hasrat (Desire)
Mohabbat (Love) Mehboob (Lover) Lafz (Words) Ehsas (Feeling)
Khaas (Special) Humsafar (Companion) Aagosh (Embrace) Tanhai (Loneliness)

Learning Urdu Language

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