Our Story – Who We Are & What We Do

India is a country with 22 official languages. Though several of these languages are derived from Sanskrit, they are quite distinct from each other. Even if you know one language, it would be rather difficult to understand words spoken or written in any other language.

We moved to a new city – Hyderabad – in mid 2013. Not knowing the local language of the state, communication became a problem. Unable to find a way out, we decided to solve the problem ourselves – we decided to create an app that would help bridge this language barrier. In a couple of months, the first version of our app was released in the Google Play store – it helped translate and voice out some most frequently used phrases from English to Hindi.

And then, there was no looking back. We gradually improved our apps based on the feedback we received from our friends, family and customers. We expanded to over 1500 phrases spread across 38 categories and added many features such as flash cards, favourites, recording functionality, a fun quiz and the alphabet. As of April 2016, we have apps for 17 languages (and counting).

Our Vision & Mission

We have a vision that language would never be a barrier for people from anywhere in the world to communicate with anyone else. We plan to do this by steadily expanding our portfolio to cover as many languages as possible across the world and adding features to make the communication and learning experience as easy as possible.