What Makes Punjabis Special

What makes Punjabis special? Everything! From their food and culture to their language, everything about Punjabis is full of life.

Here are a few factors that make them the kings of hearts.


Punjabis are known for their lip-smacking cuisines. From the famous makke di roti (flatbread made from corn flour) and sarson da saag (dish made from mustard leaves and spices) to the world famous butter chicken, lassi and maa di daal (lentil dish), Punjabis love their food.


  • They are live-wires of merriment and celebration. If you are with a Punjabi, there’ll never be a dull moment because they have a great sense of jubilation.
  • They love their bling, be it diamond studded pagdis (turbans) or gota-work chunnis.
  • You need to attend a Punjabi wedding in order to experience their energy. Once they are in their mood, they can even dance to tune of a generator.


  • Punjabis in general are very hospitable, caring and helpful people. They are some of the most large-hearted, generous people who are best known for their ‘never say die’ attitude.
  • They are respectful to their elders and loyal to their friends. It is always a delight to have a Punjabi friend or acquaintance in your circle.
  • Punjabis have a fun-loving attitude. They have the heart to laugh off the ‘Punjabi’ jokes cracked on them.


  • Not just butter chicken and bhangra but Punjabi language is also very popular across the globe. Spoken by more than 100 million native speakers worldwide, it is also the 10th most widely spoken language in the world.
  • From Sannuki (I am not bothered) and Ainvayi (Just like that) to Jappian, tepappian (hugs and kisses), speaking Punjabi can be a lot of fun. If you find this language interesting, you can learn Punjabi by using AlterGyan’s language app that includes 1200+ commonly – used phrases voiced by a native speaker.

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