3 Ways How Learning a Second Language Helps Career Growth

If you are looking for better career prospects, learning a second language can help you get appointed at a coveted position in an organization of your choice.

Here are three ways how learning a second language can help you stand out from the crowd:

    • Sharper Memory and More AlertLearning a new language sharpens memory because regular exercise of the brain makes it sharp and active. Compared to monolinguals, bilinguals are more capable of recalling names, facts or information, making them a suitable candidate for various jobs.


    • Better Decision MakingAccording to a study conducted by the University of Chicago, multi-linguals have the ability to take better decisions compared to their co-workers. Many organizations give precedence to multilingual candidates for managerial positions.


  • Better NetworkingMulti-linguals see the world from different angles as they are usually more aware about different cultures. This helps them understand the perspective of others which is essential for effective communication.Even a small but genuine attempt to speak in the first language of others can be one of the best ice breakers.

Interesting Facts

  • According to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, bilingual candidates get more job opportunities compared to monolingual candidates.
  • According to Euro London, a recruitment agency, proficiency in a foreign language can add up to 10-15% to an employee’s wage.
  • Members of United States military receive approximately $1000 or more every month for knowing a foreign language.

If you also want to take up an interesting, well-paid job, you can start learning a language of your choice today with a language app. For instance, apps by AlterGyan are available in different languages such as Japanese, French, Spanish and German. These apps contain 1200+ most frequently used phrases in that language. These phrases are voiced out by a native speaker to help the learner learn the language with ease.

AlterGyan provides a series of language apps that contain a list of 1200+ most frequently used phrases voiced out by a native speaker. These apps are a quick and handy tool for anyone who wants to learn a new language for free.

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