Introducing Kids To A Second Language

There are countless benefits of exposing kids to a second language. It not only boosts their cognitive, listening and memory skills but also makes them aware of other cultures.

  • Language learning enhances creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills in children.
  • It makes them more tolerant to social and physical diversity.
  • They get a sense of pride and accomplishment when they learn a language.
  • Language learning turns children into effective communicators.

When can they start learning?
Kids are born with the ability to learn any language in the world. The earlier they are introduced to it, the better.

  • Infants have the ability to mimic sounds of any language.
  • Even 10 month old babies can distinguish between sounds of different languages they hear around them.
  • Their ability to distinguish different phonetic pronunciations is the sharpest before they turn three.
  • It is easiest for children to gain proficiency in a foreign language until the age of seven.

How to introduce them to a new dialect?
To gauge your child’s interest in a foreign language, you can start by teaching one word at a time. Here are few more tips to introduce them to a new dialect:

  • Use everyday situations or real world objects such as clothing items, food items to practice a new language.
  • Use flashcards because children learn the best when they are having fun.
  • Use stories or songs to boost their interest in learning a second language.
  • Choose a cartoon series or television show your child can watch regularly in a foreign language.
  • Enroll your child in a foreign language class.
  • Install word games or language apps such as, AlterGyan apps to help them practice easy and short foreign language phrases.

Language learning should be a fun and memorable experience for children because it helps them become smarter and sharper global citizens.

AlterGyan provides a series of language apps that contain a list of 1200+ most frequently used phrases voiced out by a native speaker. These apps are a quick and handy tool for anyone who wants to learn a new language for free.

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