Things to Pack when Travelling Alone

When travelling solo, it is important to pack lightly and efficiently. You need to pick and choose items depending on where you are going. For instance, if you are going on a solo backpacking tour to Europe, you wouldn’t want to lug around too many clothes and shoes in your backpack.

Packing Light, Packing Smart

  • Travel DocumentsMake space for your travel documents including your passport, plane or train ticket, travel visa, health insurance, proof of identity, a diary that contains emergency phone numbers, and information of local contacts. Don’t forget to carry copies of all important documents.
  • Comfortable ClothesPack clothes that are light-weight and comfortable. Keep wrinkle-free, washable travel pants, blouses, t-shirts, socks, undergarments, scarves and lightweight jackets or sweaters, if required.
  • Everyday EssentialsDon’t forget to carry your mobile charger, a global plugin adapter, your camera charger, a small bag containing toiletries, few plastic bags, a flashlight, a small Swiss Army knife and some medicines. Also, keep some local currency with you and a small first-aid kit.
  • Packing for a TrekIf you are planning to go trekking alone, you need to pack hiking boots/shoes, a sleeping bag, mosquito repellant, a tin mug, a candle and waterproof matchsticks, duct tape, toilet paper, compass and a small plate, fork and spoon.
  • Install a Language Learning AppIf you are travelling to a new country with a foreign dialect, install an offline language app on your smartphone instead of carrying a dictionary. For instance, language apps by AlterGyan are free and easy to use. The apps contain commonly-used phrases voiced out by a native speaker. Whether you need to ask for directions or interact with the locals, these apps will be your best travel companion.

Solo Travel Packing Tips:

  • Pack everything and make sure you can manage the luggage single-handedly.
  • Don’t pack the bulky items like your jacket and boots in your luggage- wear them while travelling.
  • Carry a backpack instead of a suitcase so that your hands are free when hopping on a bus or catching a train.

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