Tips for Planning a Wine Tasting Tour in France

If you are a wine lover there is no better pleasure than visiting France on a wine tasting tour. From touring picturesque vineyards and tasting local wine, to walking through medieval villages and sampling local food, wine tasting holidays in France are a fulfilling and aesthetic experience.

Interesting Trivia

  • Wine came to France in 600 B.C. when a trade colony was established by the ancient Greeks at Marseilles, a city in southeast France.

How to pick a region?

Each wine producing region has a different way of naming and categorizing the wines because the production is intimately linked to the history, culture and cuisine of each region. So a visit to Bordeaux will be a totally different experience for you than a visit to Burgundy.

Wine lovers can pick a region based on their wine preferences.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon: Bordeaux
  • White-wine region: Alsace
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: Bordeaux
  • Red-wine region: Beaujolais
  • Sparkling wine: Champagne
  • Vin Jaune and Vin de Paille: Jura
  • Pinot Noir and white wine made from green-skinned Chardonnay grapes: Burgundy

You can also visit the scenic villages of Provence, stay in a quaint little guesthouse, walk around vineyards, chat with wine producers, and sip on some local French wine.

Best Time to Visit

There are many wine-producing regions that are accessible and welcoming to the visitors, making wine tasting in France a year-round activity.

March – June: Pleasant weather and less crowd

Early July – August: Weather is just about perfect with long days of sunshine but too many tourists

September – November: Season for grape harvesting. You can also attend festivals celebrating the harvest

December: Weather is cold but wine producers will have ample time to discuss their wines and take you through the wine caves.

Just ensure that you seek prior appointment before visiting a vineyard.

Getting Past Language Barrier

Even though many vineyards and cellars are designated as “English-speaking” by local wine boards, the host’s fluency in English may vary. So it is advisable to install a language learning app on your smartphone or tablet to communicate easily.

For instance, you can install the ‘Learn French Quickly’ app by AlterGyan that contains more than 1200 most-frequently used French phrases voiced out by a native speaker. It is a free and handy tool that you can use to overcome difficulties in conversing with the locals when holidaying in France.


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