How Technology Can Help Us in Learning English

Thanks to modern technology, anything from paying bills to ordering a pizza has become possible through smartphones and tablets. Even language learning has become easy through features like voice recognition and interactive multimedia exercises available on such devices.

How to learn English through Technology

If you are planning to learn English, here’s how technology can help you in reaching proficiency and fluency in the language:

Language Apps

  • Looking for the best way of learning English? You can start with English language learning apps that can be installed on your iPad or smartphone.
  • Look for apps that contain easy to learn, commonly-used phrases and terms in English that can be learnt through exciting features like quizzes and flashcards.

Using Pictures and Videos

  • Multimedia technology integrated with pictures and videos also assists in English language learning. It helps in providing contextual cues to the learners, helping them understand new concepts.
  • Interactive whiteboards are an excellent tool for presenting multimedia language lessons and encouraging participation from learners.

Reading on Tablets

  • Reading books or magazines is said to be an effective way of improving pronunciation and fluency in the language of your choice. If you want to brush your English reading skills, you can read English books on devices such as the iPad or Kindle that offer an interactive reading experience.
  • You can try functions like vocabulary builders, click-to-define or even download text in a single touch of a button, exposing yourself to different sentence structures and words.

Listening to Podcasts

  • English language learners across the globe also make use of podcasts as they are a great way of improving listening skills.
  • You can even try audiobooks that help in speaking and comprehension skills.

Easy Way to Learn English

AlterGyan’s Learn English Quickly is a fun and interactive tool for learning the language. This newly launched app contains more than 1500 commonly-used phrases and terms in English language to help you learn English vocabulary. It also provides transliteration of different scripts, including Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Telegu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Urdu, German, French, Malay, Portuguese and Chinese Traditional Language). The translations into English are provided in regional scripts as well.

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