How Puzzles Help in Development of Children?

Puzzles are not just fun to solve but they are also helpful in a child’s mental development. As an important educational learning tool, puzzles help in building physical, cognitive and emotional skills in children of all ages.

Here are a few reasons why you should introduce your kid to puzzles:

Co-ordination between Eyes and Hands

  • Kids learn hand-eye co-ordination by solving puzzles. They flip, turn and remove pieces of puzzles, learning the connection between their eyes and hands.
  • Their brain envisions how the puzzle needs to look and their hands and eye work together to solve the puzzle.
  • They also learn gross motor and fine motor skills by stacking puzzle games and moving their fingers to get the piece in the exact right spot.

Problem Solving Skills

  • Kids learn problem solving skills by looking at various pieces and figuring out where each piece should fit to complete the puzzle.
  • This helps them learn how to use their mind to solve problems by thinking in a logical manner.


A child’s memory is enhanced by playing with jigsaws and other type of puzzles. It helps them recall the color, shape and size of various pieces and what will fit where.

Goal Setting and Patience

  • Kids also learn emotional skills through puzzles. For instance, they learn patience because they have to work slowly and reach the end of the puzzle.
  • They learn the art of setting goals. The next time they solve a puzzle, they prefer to put familiar shapes or colors in one pile for ease.

Not just puzzles but quizzes also help kids learn better and quicker. It can be used for motivating them to “want to” learn. Even for adults, quizzes are great for remembering what was learnt. AlterGyan language apps also have quizzes to aid better learning. The apps also have flashcards with the help of which language learning becomes more fun.

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