Importance of English, the Universal Language

English is the only language that is taught as a second and official language in more than 90 countries. From globetrotting to finding an attractive job, learning English can be quite useful.

English Facts

  • Approximately 94% people speak English in the USA, 97% in the UK, 86% in Canada and 97% in Australia.
  • It has official status in more than 75 countries.
  • English is the first language of more than 375 million people.

Importance of English Language in:


  • In many countries, English is taught as a second language to kids in schools.
  • Even in countries like Netherlands and Sweden (where English isn’t an official language), many science and engineering syllabi are written in English.
  • University students in many countries study almost all their subjects in this language.

Travelling, Business and Employment

  • English is an international language, so even if you learn the basics, you can travel around the globe with ease.
  • English language is also used in private and government organizations across the globe. Companies functioning on an international level look for employees who are proficient in English.
  • It is accepted as a standard language for communication in many Asian and African countries.

Books, Newspapers and the Internet

  • Have you observed that majority of websites on the internet are in English? It is a popularly used language by internet users, followed by Chinese and Spanish.
  • English is not only an important language on the internet but also the primary language of the international press. More books and newspapers are printed in English than any other language.

Want to Learn English Quickly?

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