Gujarati Words and Phrases

Everyday Gujarati Words and Phrases that Make it a Fun Language!

Kem cho? If you can answer maza ma then chances are high that you have some Gujarati friends, relatives, acquaintances or business relations. For the uninitiated “Kem cho” is Gujarati for how are you and “Maza ma” translates to fine! Do you want to learn more Gujarati words but not sure where to begin? Well

Gujarati language much like its native speakers has an amiable and lively feel to it. It’s an Indo-Aryan origin language spoken in India, Fiji, Bangladesh and many other countries by over more than 46 million people. It is the closest relative of Hindi and Punjabi and knowledge of the national language definitely comes handy while learning Gujarati.

It is also spoken in the nearby union territories of Daman and Diu; and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Gujarati today is the 26th most spoken native language in the world.

Spoken all over the globe with various dialects and scripts, Gujarati is also referred to as bankers, traders or merchant’s script, and interestingly it was the first language of iconic figures like Gandhiji, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, JRD Tata. Whether it’s the daily greeting or an expression of anger the language has a beautiful ring to it; it sounds blissful and beautiful. The following everyday phrases will give you a fair idea of how fun the language can be!

So, let’s learn and master the nitty-gritties to know and learn Gujarati words.

Everyday Gujarati Words and Phrases

To become a pro, let’s begin with the phrases. The words as well as the style of delivery make this language beautiful and fun to speak. A language where adjectives precede nouns, direct objects come before verbs, gujarati has a number of words loaned from English and Portuguese as a result of the British rule. This makes the language sweeter and more comprehendible which obviously makes learning easier.

  1. Jai Shree Krishna Kaka/Masi =  Hi/Hello to an unknown male elder (respectfully)/an unknown female elder (respectfully).
  2. Tame kem chho? = How are you?
  3. Hu saro chhu = I am fine
  4. Taru naam shu chhe?/ tamaru naam shu chhe? = What is your name?
  5. Ghare badha majama? = How’s everyone in the family?
  6. Masha ma / Mast / Bas salsa =  All fine.
  7. Su chalse cha ke kophi? = What would you prefer tea or coffee?
  8. Paheli vaar ghare aavya cho, kasu lidha vagar to naj javay! = You’ve visited my home for the first time; you can’t leave just like that without having anything.
  9. Dhandho pani kem chale? = How’s business/work?
  10. Shu tame mane kaik piva aapasho? = Can you give me something to drink?
  11. Ek photu paadne yaar! = Please click a photo for us
  12. Shu tame jaman kariyu? = Did you have your lunch?

You would know some more everyday fun Gujarati phrases. The translations might differ with the dialect but we would love to hear from you to make the list more exhaustive. Happy learning the language of the genius!

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