Demonetisation – May We Offer Some Help?

Cash-crunch triggered by demonetisation seems to be causing trouble for many people in India. Be it street shopping or using the public transportation, they are facing difficulties as they are unable to use the old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes.

Nobody had an idea before the Indian government announced its decision to demonetise Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes. The foreign tourists are also facing trouble in exchanging currency because there is acute shortage of Rs. 100 notes and banks have a long queue of people already waiting to get their old currency converted into Rs. 100 or the new Rs. 2000 and Rs. 500 notes.

Don’t Let Language Be a Problem

If you need help with currency at a bank, outside an ATM or at a tourist location, don’t let the language barrier stop you. Here is a list of phrases along with translation in Hindi, which might help you in making people understand your concern and seeking help.

The endless queries that we have

Do you have change? Kya aapke paas chhutte paise hai?
Do you need change? Kya aapko chhutte paise chahiye?
Do you have change for Rs. 2000? Kya aapke paas 2000 ka chhutta hai?
Will you accept Rs. 500 note? Kya aap 500 ka note lenge?
How much is the bill? Bill kitna hua hai?
Is this ATM working? Kya yeh ATM kaam kar raha hai?
The ATM queue is very long. ATM ki line bahut lambi hai.
How far is the next working ATM? Agla kaam karne wala ATM kitni dur hai
Do you accept Sodexo? Kya aap Sodexo lete hai?
Do you accept payments online? Kya aap online payment svikaar karte hai?
Do you accept credit card? Kya aap credit card lete hai?

The thing we might need to say

I do not have change. Mere paas chhutta nahin hai.
I do not have cash. Mere paas nakad nahin hai.
I need to go to the Bank. Mujhe Bank jaane ki zarurat hai.
I need to go to the ATM. Mujhe ATM jaane ki zarurat hai.

And the sentence we would love to hear

I have some change. Mere paas kuch chhutte hain.

If you know the translation of these in any other language, then please feel free to post them in the comment section below.

Useful Tips for Travellers

If you are holidaying in India or you have a trip scheduled, here are few tips to help you sail through the currency challenge:

  • Try and use your card to pay for as many things as you can.
  • Bring foreign currency with you because some market vendors are accepting Dollars and Pounds.
  • Try and ask for Rs.100 notes instead of the new Rs. 2000 notes when getting currency exchanged.


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