9 reasons why learning a new language makes you more intelligent

Learning a new language is a powerful mental exercise which hones your brain’s executive skills.

An integral part of learning a new language like building up a vocabulary repository, understanding correct use of grammar and weaving words into sentences improves the brain’s control systems of the brain like focus, planning and attention to detail.

Modern research and studies have shown that learning any language improves the brain’s cognitive powers and helps train the brain in analysing and processing which in turn improves the meta-linguistic awareness. Being bilingual can make you more intelligent in the following ways:

  1. Bilingualism improves executive function of the brain thus helping in focusing, planning and attention.
  2. Learning multiple languages develops problem solving skills as well as social skills making individuals more empathetic.
  3. In scientific terms, the pre-frontal cortex of the brain becomes more active with readily changing neural pathways that makes their whole brain rewired. This helps in micro decision making and leads to more intelligence.
  4. Exposure to a second language in the early years of education has shown greater levels of problem solving skills, better attention and performance in non-language subjects like mathematics.
  5. Children with special needs have also shown to benefit from learning multiple languages. Also lifelong bilinguals have shown lower onset of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia when compared to monolinguals. Another possible health benefit of learning a new language!
  6. Learning a new language has shown to increase the capacity to multitask. People speaking more than one language can think in different languages and continually switch between two or more languages. This switching extends to tasks as well improving the ability to multitask.
  7. Multilingual people have been found to outperform monolinguals in memory tasks and high monitoring demanding jobs.
  8. Learning a new language makes it easier to learn more languages. This boosts self-confidence, creativity, logical and divergent thinking along with open- mindedness. An overall development in personality makes you more intelligent.
  9. Learning a new language opens up avenues to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, more enjoyable travels abroad and provides the key to a world of knowledge, higher education and job opportunities. You feel like an empowered and intelligent global citizen.

In this fast paced world, learning a new language can give you a much needed edge to stand out from the crowd as a more confident, intelligent, cognitive individual with sharper understanding and decision making skills.

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