10 Good Reasons Why You Should be Learning French

The world is like a global village today with more liberalized economies, better technology and cross border social, political relations. In these changing times it pays to think, talk and act like a global citizen! This is where enrolling in a French learning session can keep you ahead of others! Here are 10 reasons which will cover for the investment you made in learning French.

Why Learn French!

1) Worldwide Usage and Acceptability: Apart from English, French is the only language spoken across all the five continents. It enjoys official language status in 29 countries and is one of the six official languages used by the United Nations. It’s the most widely taught 2nd language after English in many schools worldwide and is the official language in various international organisations along with English.

2) Easy to Learn: For English speakers learning French should come easily as French owes its origin to English and other European languages. Hence not only are the alphabets similar but there are tonnes of similar words with the same roots as of English.

3) Career Booster: Knowing French along with English opens up a world of job opportunities in multinationals with French as their working language in sectors like Fashion, Retail, Luxury, Automobile, Aeronautics and other Engineering and Technical organisations. Appropriate language skills in French can also open up career prospects in diplomatic missions, International Agencies like UN, NATO, Red Cross and other research and educational institutes, as well as in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

4) Mode of communication internationally: Whether you are in Africa or Canada- French is both the most commonly spoken and official language. This can come very handy when you are travelling and you would be shocked by the number of non-native French speakers in countries where neither English nor French is the official language.

5) The French Connection: Whether its international cinema or fashion, sporting events or technology, art, dance or literature the French have always been the torch bearers in each field. Knowledge of French can help you learn more about French socio political history with vents like the French Revolution which gave the world the first glimpse of totalitarianism. For people with an artistic and intellectual bent of mind, learning French will give them a chance to read the original works of Victor Hugo or hear and understand the words of legendary French actor Alain Delon.

6) Foreign Trip: Your much awaited European holiday will never be complete without a visit to Paris. France features amongst the top foreign destinations and even a wee bit of French language knowledge should make your visit unforgettable. Altergyan’s French app will make it all the way easy for you.

7) Higher Education: France has some very good universities and knowledge of the French language can even help in securing French Government grants at times of enrolling for higher studies. French teachers are considered to be dynamic, innovative and excellent in their profession. Apart from this there are numerous exchange programmes creating seamless education networks.

8) Fun Language- Also dubbed as the language of love – French is soft and has a subtle melodious tone which makes it fun and easy to learn.

9) Helps learn other foreign languages: Learning French is the stepping stone for learning other European languages like Spanish, German and even English .You can enhance your linguistic skills remarkably starting with French.

10) Personality Development: As any other added skill learning French can increase your self-confidence. It’s a creative language and is taught through plays/songs sometimes which encourages imagination and personality development. Such linguistic diversity goes a long way to a richer and balanced personality.

By now you should have bid the oh so French Adieu to all your inhibitions if any and found enough reasons to get started with your French lessons! Do share your goals for learning French with us. We would love to hear from you. Happy learning! Merci!

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